Monday, 9 May 2016

MAMA MADE THE DIFFERENCE: Three shining stars reflect on the women who raised and nurtured them

IN honour of Mother’s Day 2016, we asked a trio of our favourite stars to reminisce about spending time with their mothers growing up and tell us what made these women truly phenomenal. They spoke from the heart. Herewith, their responses:

> DR. ANDREW MARSHALL, composer, conductor and educator
“My mom was amazing. Sadly, she passed away in 2012. She was Guyanese and just a wonderful person. I think of her every moment, and I know that she would be proud to know that the work she invested in her children has been paying off. She was an artist, as well. She brought together a group called Maranatha Ministries. She sang but she was primarily their manager and their behind-the-scenes person. I went to England with them in ’96 and travelled with them on numerous other occasions. And so, as her son, being around them was an eye-opener into the music world. For me, it was really a kick-start for the work I am doing now.”

> KAMILA McDONALD, TV host, fitness guru, wife and mom
“I was fortunate to have both my parents in my life growing up, but I think my mom could have played both roles if it came to it. That’s how strong she is, and she is still a strong part of my life. She was there for everything – the school projects, the dance classes. Even now, she is just an important part of my life. [My mother] is everything that I want to be as a mom.”

> YOHAN BLAKE, Olympian and goodwill ambassador
“Growing up with my mom I remember how she always worked hard for the family. My father was always there playing his part and supporting her. But my mother is a strong and independent woman who raised me to work hard and show respect – just like a lot of other Jamaican mothers. So when it comes to Mother’s Day, we have to show that love and respect and let them know that they are appreciated.” 

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