Thursday, 9 June 2016

ON THE COAST: Faces in the crowd, snap-worthy moments at Calabash 2016 in Treasure Beach

WE ARE FAMILY: Having thrilled the enormous audience with selections from their prize-winning works on Saturday, Marlon James (A Brief History of Seven Killings) and Kei Miller (The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion), chat with festivalgoers by the side of the stage, no doubt swapping interesting stories and reminiscing on the old times.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Author and Phase 3 Productions’ leading lady Dr. Marcia Forbes (right), a devoted Calabash-er, shares a fun moment with Somalian writer Ladan Osman, whose chapbook-esque poetry (Parables for Refugees) combines hard-hitting hip-hop rhymes (DMX, Erykah Badu), poignant imagery and social commentary.

CROWD SUPPORT: Here’s a section of the seated audience that swelled to its largest size on Saturday evening, just in time for James’ appearance, alongside New Zealand’s Eleanor Catton (The Luminaries) for a feast of the written word dubbed “A Man, a Woman and a Booker.”

WHITE HOT: Regal as always, UWI’s Dr. Verene Shepherd (left), who we interviewd for a round-up of must-read West Indian novels, made the acquaintance of this festivalgoer, who turned out to be an ardent listener of her radio programme, Talking History, which airs on Nationwide FM.

KEEN ATTENTION: The finalists of the 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize were special guests of the festival on Sunday, sitting up-front ahead of the announcement of the big winner, a moment preceded by each writer gracing the podium to deliver an excerpt from his/her story. In the end, India’s Parashar Kulkari (second left) took home the award.

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