Saturday, 11 June 2016

TRIPLE THREAT: Sheldon Shepherd finds balance + Bolt lights up new Rio commercial + Alwyn Scott on his acting life

GREAT ‘SCOTT’: Think Alwyn Scott has retired from the stage because you haven’t seen him in action in a while? Think again. The award-winning thespian, whose multiple credits include Art, God of Carnage and A Gift for Mom (above), says the theatre will always be his home away from home. “I try to do at least one production a year,” explains Scott, who has excelled in roles with the Mona-based University Players, in particular. Unsurprisingly, they are his ideal group to work with. “Working with the University Players, that works for me because the rehearsal times are short and the productions actually run for a short period of time. And I’m able to do different types of roles and have different kinds of theatrical experiences. And it doesn’t take up a lot of my time,” says the veteran actor (at right, above), who was also in the mix at Calabash in Treasure Beach. So when will make his big centrestage comeback? “I’m looking at a couple scripts right now, so hopefully I’ll be doing something soon.”

SEE YOU IN RIO: ‘You can’t stop the beat!’ That’s probably what Usain Bolt is thinking as he lends some serious star power to Digicel’s hyper-rhythmic new TV ad, Bring the Beat, which comes as a precursor to the avidly anticipated Rio Olympics in Brazil, commencing in August. Arriving on the heels of their ‘Sprint to Brazil’ campaign, the Bring the Beat ad is pure explosive energy, referencing everything from Jamaican night-life to Trini soca to the kind of athletic prowess tat’s required to nab gold medals on the Olympics stage. Bolt’s fellow sprinting powerhouse Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who is also going for gold this summer as the female defending champion, also makes an appearance in the clip, as does musical maverick Machel Mantano and Jamaicans from all walks. Can you feel the Rio beat? Take a look at the video HERE.

LEADER OF THE PACK: Given their natural affinity for all things artistic, one would expect even a shred of sibling rivalry between Shepherd brothers Sheldon and Rashiem. But, evidently, it’s all love between the bros, who are both shining as writers these days – Rashiem with his exploits in the theatre and Sheldon thanks to his debut collection of poems, which has been picked up by Pelican Publishers. For the record, Sheldon is a major fan of Rashiem’s writing. “Proud is an understatement. I support him to the max,” he told us at the Calabash Festival last weekend. “I think it’s just a brilliant scrip [Undercover Craziness] and we’re planning to do some stuff together, so people can look out for that.” When it comes to his own evolution as a creative artist, the NoMaddz bandleader notes, “The key to everything in life is balance and growing to adapt to your environment.”

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