Friday, 12 August 2016

BEAUTY OF THE WEEK: St. Mary’s Monique Robb relishes new challenges, being true to herself

GLOW GIRL: I’m always looking for new ways to grow as an individual,” shares the 24-year-old go-getter.

There are no substitutes for diligence, compassion and anything that nurtures the creative spirit. That’s the kind of thinking that guides Monique Robb – and one she’s intent on passing on to her students at Trelawny’s Westwood High, where she currently teaches Language Arts. Robb’s love of vintage fashion, DIY stuff and blogging reflects her eclectic tastes, while her recent participation (repping St. Mary) in the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen competition (copping third place!) attests to her appetite for taking on bucket-list items that challenge her in new and exciting ways. 

PERSONALS – Age: 24; Hometown: Galina, St. Mary; Occupation: Teacher; Height: 5’6” 

Who do you admire and why? “I admire people like Professor Carolyn Cooper because she’s a strong Jamaican woman and very serious about her culture. I have learned a lot from her over the years – qualities like how to have a strong sense of self.” 

Describe your personal style: “I love vintage clothing but in recent times I’ve started to incorporate some modern and more mature looks in my wardrobe. I enjoy fashion but I prefer to take the minimalist approach.” 

Why do you wear makeup? “In my teenage years I suffered from a bad case of acne, and I suffered from hyperpigmentation as well. So wearing makeup I feel more confident and I feel that my scars are not on display. (Laughs). It’s also a means of expression. Today I’m feeling upbeat and funky so I chose to wear a bold red lip. Another day I might choose a different shade. It’s about what you’re in the mood for.” 
Why did you enter Miss Jamaica Festival Queen? “I entered to really challenge myself. I’m always looking for new ways to grow as an individual. And I entered because I want to give back to my parish and to Jamaica. It requires commitment and hard work and that’s what I’m about.” 

How do you spend your free time? “I love going to the beach. Being from St. Mary, I live near the sea, so I’m at the beach quite often. I listen to music and I have a personal blog, but I prefer to keep it private. And I’m a big DIY-er. I love to sew, painting and bookbinding. I just enjoy being creative.” 

What’s in store for the future? “Professionally, I’d love to segue into a media career. I see myself writing a weekly column for one of our local newspapers and maybe branching off into television.” 

What’s the philosophy that guides your life? “It’s an Ubuntu saying by Nelson Mandela: “How can I be happy when my brother is hungry?” 

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