Friday, 12 August 2016

GIRL OF THE MOMENT: 2016 Festival Queen Kyesha Randall turns her ‘struggle’ into a blueprint for success

TAKING HER PLACE: “What I’ve learned is to just enjoy the moment,” Randall shares. 

If there’s one thing that winning the 2016 Miss Jamaica Festival Queen title means to 25-year-old Kyesha Randall, it’s the opportunity to reflect on how far she’s come. “My journey to this point was very rocky. My friends can tell you. And now that I’ve won [the title], I can see them saying, ‘Finally, you see your hard work paying off,’” shares the Mount Alvernia High graduate, who was named Most Congenial during Sunday’s coronation show.

Randall says though her coming-of-age years in St. James are best described as an unending struggle, the desire to make her family proud and make something of herself was a constant source of motivation. “It’s been a real struggle, but I’ve never allowed myself to be defined by it. I grew up in a situation where it was hard financially and I was losing loved ones close to me, not to gun violence or anything like that, but just losing people I looked up to,” she tells TALLAWAH. “Having to deal with all those emotional and mental issues was hard.”

But look at her now. Standing at 5’9”, with flawless chocolate skin and a super-radiant smile, the UWI Mona alumna (she graduated in 2014 with a degree in Media and Communications) is the very picture of poise, confidence and a regal air that’s felt without being overbearing. “What I’ve learned is to just enjoy the moment and don’t get caught up with where I’m going but to be present and just trust the struggle,” she says. 
As she gears up for the packed daily schedule ahead, Randall says she’s looking forward to many things, chief among them the roll-out of her projects, which will, unsurprisingly, involve the youth. 

“What this moment means for me is that now the hard work begins,” she notes. “I finally get to do my parish and my national project. I’ve been wanting to talk to young people across Jamaica for the longest while, and now I get the opportunity to do that. Even if I don’t see them all face-to-face, the interviews that have been lined up will give me a platform to speak to them about my project.” 

What else does she see in her future? “Within the next five years I’m hoping to own my own business,” she reveals. “I’m not sure what that will be about yet. I might put out an album one of these days, you never know.” (Laughs). 

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> Stress Relief: “Music. For me, music is a source of healing. It’s what I always turn to when I’m dealing with anything stressful.”

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