Thursday, 15 September 2016

NEWS FEED: PM Andrew Holness reaffirms education stance + Glowing remembrances for Archbishop Samuel Carter + Dr. Peter Phillips on waiting his turn

A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS: On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his ordination as the first native Roman Catholic Archbishop of Jamaica, the life and legacy of the late Rev. Samuel E. Carter was rousingly celebrated during a memorial service at the Holy Cross Church in Half-Way Tree, St. Andrew recently. Archbishop Emeritus Donald Reece led the remembrances as the chief celebrant. “We thank God for sending us such a remarkable Jesuit priest. The Catholic Church can be proud of the role he played in championing the education of our children,” Reece told the sizeable congregation. “His memory lives on through generations. In looking back, those of us who knew him would probably say to him now, ‘Keep on doing what you’re doing, Sammy.’ He proved that he was made of tougher stuff. As his Vicar-General, I never heard him speak negatively of anybody. That was the measure of the man.” Added Montego Bay’s Rev. Burchell McPherson, “He was definitely a man for all seasons who dedicated much of his life to the ecumenical movement and helping the poor.”

‘MY DAY WILL COME’: Vowing to remain respectful of due process when it comes to the future leadership of his beloved PNP, Dr. Peter Phillips says patience is the signal virtue that’s guiding his decisions these days. “Whenever the party leader decides and the party decides and there is a transition to take place, I intend, by the grace of God, to offer myself. With no disrespect to anyone and none to the party leader, I know that a time will come when a transition will take place,” he recently told supporters in Kingston. “I believe in orderly transition. That is why my name is not on any ballot [for] September. There was never any intention for my name to be on any ballot because I believe in the protection of the party.”

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: If there’s one aspect of his mandate that PM Andrew Holness is unflinching about it’s his belief that every Jamaican child must learn – a stern education policy. “I know in [certain] communities the tremendous struggle that parents go through, and that is why we have reintroduced the no-tuition policy,” he recently emphasized. “We are not saying that education is free, but what we are saying is that every single Jamaican child must have access to education whether or not they can afford it.”

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