Friday, 7 October 2016

REAL SPORTS: Whitmore’s game plan + Bolt’s winning formula + Memorializing Dominic James

AT HIS PEAK: How does Usain Bolt whip his body into such terrific shape for the hectic Summer Olympics season and beyond? According to the world’s greatest living sprinter, it’s by embarking on a tough regimen that pushes him so hard he occasionally throws up. (Viewers of his 2011 documentary saw evidence of this.) Bolt, who is featured in the newest edition of the Men’s Health workout playbook – a chiseled Cristiano Ronaldo graces the cover – breaks it down for the readers by explaining his combination of speed work, cardio, dieting and painstaking attention to details and consistency that gives him the desired results. In other words, the Jamaican speedster is able to produce those crowd-electrifying sprints thanks to devoted hard labour and studying the art of athletic perfection. The results, including those nine Olympic gold medals, speak for themselves. Now if only his filmmakers will just do what they promised and release the I Am Bolt documentary to the world. The long wait is unbearable.

THE KID: Much has been said about the most fitting way to honour the memory and extraordinary talents of young sportsman Dominic James, the St. George’s College football captain who collapsed while representing his school a few weeks ago and will be eulogized during a thanksgiving service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral (next door the North Street-based institution) this Saturday morning. The best idea seems to surround the establishment of a foundation (or scholarship) bearing his name to benefit young on-the-rise footballers. Both his father David and school officials agree. “Moving forward we will have to decide whether we have a memorial scholarship in his name, but that’s in conjunction with his parents, of course,” Acting Principal Dave Soares has said. Former Education Minister (and recent inductee into the St. George’s College Hall of Fame), Rev. Ronald Thwaites, expressed similar sentiments. “It would be a good thing to endow a sports scholarship for the most disciplined student or something in his honour,” he recently told a reporter. “Doing that would be a considerable remembering.”

HEAD IN THE GAME: It’ s back to the big dance for Theodore ‘Tappa’ Whitmore, the tireless football veteran who will no doubt draw on those past learning experiences and trial-and-error moments as he reprises the bittersweet role of Head Coach of Jamaica’s battered-and-bruised Reggae Boyz squad. To our mind, you must never count Whitmore out. Because, as he recently told an interviewer, he still has a few aces left to play. “There is a lot that I can contribute and there is a lot I can offer to the national programme. We have all made mistakes; we have all grown up and seen where we can improve the game in Jamaica,” he emphasizes. ‘’The best thing for us to do is to develop local players and give them the international experience that they need to start playing at the level that everyone wants to see them.”

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