Thursday, 10 November 2016

GETTING TO GREAT: A Letter from the Editor

POWER PLAYERS: Diaram and Williams (below) are among the featured voices reflecting on their journeys this month.

Since we embarked on this journey some seven years ago, TALLAWAH has never skimped on serving up features that take our readers behind the success stories of some of their favourite public figures, popular celebrities and noted personalities. But this month that’s where the focus rests primarily. Instead of the traditional ‘Power’ portfolio, we chose to focus our attention on charismatic characters who are going through a moment of change in their personal and professional lives.

First, there’s our cover star, Saudicka Diaram, the prize-winning journalist-turned-talk show diva who is pushing past her own expectations – and everyone else’s for that matter – to treat her viewers to an insightful and edutaining first-class product that’s already moved up to prime time after just three short seasons! And, as you’ll read in “Saudicka’s Sweet Success”, she’s doing all this while building a production company, diversifying her brand and preparing to be a mother for the first time, at age 32.

Saudicka has a fantastic TV sister in Smile Jamaica’s Dahlia Harris, the dynamic and tireless leading lady who’s now added film star to her lengthy list of credentials, after taking on the superfunny lead role in Lennie Little-White’s It’s A Family Affair. In other words, the Dahlia Harris story continues to evolve beautifully, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll thrill us with next.

The men are also well represented this month, from Usain Bolt’s long-awaited return to the big screen in the new documentary I Am Bolt to Dr. Michael Bucknor stepping up to fill the role of Public Orator at UWI Mona, to legendary architect and restaurateur Evan Williams embarking on his latest passion project – and creating history – with Kingston’s first corporate, boutique-style, extended-stay hotel, The Renfrew, opening to the public next year.

As Mr. Williams reminds us in “If You Build It,” success is about how you’re rising to meet the daily challenges and clear the hurdles – with the right attitude and work ethic. “I look challenges in the face and adversities in the face and figure out how to resolve them without breaking any laws… I tell people all the time, whatever you do you gotta love it. If not, then don’t do it,” he shares, echoing time-honoured sentiments expressed by all his peers featured in this November issue – and over the course of the past seven years.

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