Monday, 21 November 2016

SOCIETY, SOCIETY: MoDA brings out the stars and stylists and scene-stealers

TWO OF A KIND! Even now, well into their adult years, Tessanne Chin and Tami Chynn remain that super-cute sister act who never seem to get tired of each other’s company. On the weekend, the ‘gemini’ siblings were in the mix at the MoDA Market at the Worthington in New Kingston, browsing the displays and picking up items for their personal collections. Chatting with the girls for a brief sec, it became clear to TALLAWAH that regularly spending quality time together doesn’t get in the way of the individual projects they’re working on. While Tami is now fully focused on her businesswoman pursuits (to go along with the mommy and wifey duties), Tessanne says she’s doing a lot of songwriting these days, as she gears up for her next album, which sounds like another winner in the making. Can’t wait to hear it. After all, this super-songstress and The Voice alumna always delivers.

THE HEAD-TURNERS! Tessanne and Tami weren’t the only cool girls putting in appearances at MoDA, the premiere fashion-art-lifestyle must-do on the local style calendar. Over the two days, the event brought out a host of trailblazers, trendsetters and starlets, including some faces we hadn’t seen in forever. There was dancing queen Lindsey Lodenquai, who told us that though she’s sitting out this season of the Company Dance Theatre’s annual recital at the Little Theatre, she’s very much involved in the behind-the-scenes prep work. Rocking hot pastel shorts, a cute white top and a fresh, curly pompadour, perennial beauty Regina McCallum showed up on the arm of her hunky hubby Rasheed. Also looking stunning, Terri-Karelle Reid (above, centre), who popped in on Sunday afternoon. Petite powerhouse and Film Commissioner Renee Robinson, who we rarely see out and about, was a picture of ‘garden delight’ in her simply stylish floral dress. Denyque, meanwhile, channeled her inner soft-rock goddess in an edgy ensemble that screamed bright lights and centrestage. The most surprising guest? Artist Laura Facey’s gigantic new wooden creation, commanding attention and sparking conversation.

THE BOYS’ CLUB! The gents also stepped out to support the Kerry-Ann Clarke-helmed event. Given the international appeal, we weren’t surprised to see stylist-to-the-stars Memsor Kamarake, who we spotted making the rounds in the company of the Observer’s queenpin NMW, breezing (was that a denim jacket, Memsor?) from one tent to the next. No doubt, they spent a few minutes by Harriette Cole’s booth, where the 108 Stitches line drew countless visitors all weekend long. Anthony Miller was in attendance both days, capturing footage for The Entertainment Report, while actor/hotelier Paul Issa, last seen in Catherine Mulgrave with the University Players at Mona, shopped and shopped and shopped. What’s next for him, theatre-wise? “I don’t know yet. Catherine Mulgrave was my first play in a very long time, but I’m hoping to do more,” he told us, adding that his leading role with the Couples Resorts and the Issa Trust Foundation, which is heavily involved in paediatric work in rural parishes, keeps him very busy nowadays.

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