Thursday, 17 November 2016

THE BUZZ REPORT: What’s new, what’s next, what’s trending in Jamaican pop culture

NOW that the US Presidential Election has come and gone, and the countdown to January’s Donald Trump inauguration intensifies, the world is bracing for what could result in the biggest paradigm shift in international relations history, as the White House opens its doors to welcome its newest Commander-in-Chief. Will Trump be a one-term President? We already know he’ll be a very outspoken one, but it remains to be seen what he will bring to his tenure as the new Leader of the Free World….. Back on local soil, sports betters were kept busy all weekend, what with the Reggae Boyz taking on Suriname in CFU action at the National Stadium and Wolmer’s Boys outpacing their ferocious Cornwall College opponents to emerge victors of the 3rd annual Flow Super Cup, an
electrifying competition that’s already been dubbed the ‘Champions League’ of Jamaican schoolboy football. Hundreds of fans pinned their hopes on Heroes’ Circle side to secure their first hold on the coveted trophy, but my money was on Flow to deliver a top-class product, which they certainly did. Quality with a capital Q. And CVM’s crisp, compulsively watchable coverage of the season attests to this. Hats off to the Flow team!..... Meanwhile, a round of amens and hallelujahs greeted Captain Horace Burrell’s recent announcement that, as the Reggae Boyz rebuild, the focus will be greatly on equipping and training local-based players and less on the recruitment of foreign-based talent. Good call, sir. For one thing, a home-based team gets to train together (regularly!) and build up that essential chemistry to take
on the strong international competition….. Speaking of team work, the management of the Actor Boy Awards is now in the very capable hands of Aston Cooke, Weston Haughton and David Tulloch, who’ve taken over the reins from Maurice Bryan and Michael Daley, and are planning a huge surprise for next March’s awards ceremony….. In the meantime, theatre lovers can expect something funny and memorable when Dahlia Harris’ hit stage play Ole Fyah Stick graces living rooms as the 8-episode series Ring Games, starting December 10 on TV-J. Deon Silvera and Volier Johnson will lead the cast (with a couple of new faces), reprising their juicy roles as housekeeper and man-of-the-house devoted to each other against all odds. Stay tuned.

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