Tuesday, 27 December 2016

BEST OF 2016 (Part 1): Some of our favourite people share their top picks

Nominated by journalist-blogger Emma Lewis 
“If you’re talking about the most outstanding Jamaican personalities this year, he has to be mentioned. He made such a big impact at the Olympics, and every time he says or does something, people talk about it. That’s why companies and businesses want him to represent them. And he’s just being himself. He’s kind of a natural star. Diana McCaulay would be my pick for a female personality of the year.” 

NEW ARTISTE OF THE YEAR: Culu Culu (aka Savage) et al
Nominated by Raging Fyah’s Anthony Watson 
“We didn’t get to check out a lot of the new artistes that came on the scene this year, but we like quite a few, like Runkus and Culu Culu, who brought a little fun to the dancehall, talking about his bleaching and him money. Even though that’s not our thing, it was still a fun little vibe, and the dancehall needs that.” 

FEEL-GOOD REGGAE SONG OF THE YEAR: “Finally” by Jesse Royal 
Nominated by rising crooner Jermaine Blake 
“It’s a song about legalizing the herb, which is something I support. And Jesse is just a cool artiste; I like his lyrical content and flow and his overall character and personality.” 

Nominated by Stephen Davidson, Jamaica Cultural Development Commission 
“It was very entertaining. It had a lot of different elements that reflect what is going on in society. As a comedy, it also addressed certain issues that caused us to reflect and think about things.” 

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Rose Petals by J. Boog 
Nominated by singer-songwriter and Rising Stars judge Alaine 
“J has a very beautiful voice and very positive energy. It’s a feel-good collection of songs, and everybody wants to feel good. So it really helped.” 

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