Thursday, 26 January 2017

RUN FOR LIFE: High Hopes for Storm Saulter’s Sprinter

CALLING THE SHOTS: Sprinter marks Saulter's first feature since the award-winning Better Mus' Come; pictured below, Zac Harding. 

If everything goes according to plan, Sprinter, the avidly anticipated and much-buzzed-about new feature film from Storm Saulter (Better Mus’ Come) could have its world premiere at one of the upcoming film festivals this year. That’s the word from Zachary Harding, one of the executive producers of the film, which was shot on location in Jamaica and Los Angeles, by a Jamaica crew using a mainly Jamaican cast. 

“In terms of readiness, it’s about 85 to 90 percent there. It looks really good,” says the renowned businessman, who has seen a director’s cut of the film. In addition to Harding, Sprinter’s executive producers are Joe Bogdanovich and Richard Jeffries (Cleveland Cavaliers). 

Exploring family dynamics, hardship and ambition, Sprinter is about a talented young Jamaican man, separated from his mother who has relocated to the States in search of a better life. But, as she discovers, life in the USA is no bed of roses. To reunite with his mom, the son, now a “barrel pickney”, vows to make the national track team so he can compete in the States. 

“It’s a really good story. And it will be a true test for a Jamaican movie done in patois. It’s not watered down at all,” reveals Harding, who also appreciates the film’s non-violent content and strong acting performances. “I think some breakout actors and actresses are going to come from it,” he predicts. “It’s an all-Jamaican cast except for four or so roles.”

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