Saturday, 4 March 2017

FEELING GOOD: Dr. Carla Dunbar spreads a spirited message of Scripture and satisfaction

WISE WOMAN: The counsellor and author addressing the men at Saturday's health fest; with a fan showing off her pair of books.

LEBRON James knows basketball. BeyoncĂ© knows music. Rev. Dr. Carla Dunbar knows good sex. So much so that she’s made an illustrious and enviable career out of helping Jamaicans from all walks keep the fire alive in the bedroom, make their marriages work and enjoy happier, more productive and more fulfilling lives. She’s written extensively about the subject, too, releasing in 2015 her first book Sexcriptions (Pelican Publishers), an erotic manual that combines a theological framework with practical know-how, delicious advice and tips. Her autobiography, Changed, about rising above insurmountable odds came out that same year. 

Now she’s gearing up to give her loyal fans another sampling of her tried-and-proven expertise with Single, Sexy, Satisfied and Waiting, her hotly anticipated new book being published this summer. This past Saturday, Dr. Dunbar brought the gospel and a booth full of “intimate worship tools” to the NCB/Pro Care Men’s Health Fest at Devon House, where she gave a frank, insightful and very funny talk about sex and satisfaction and Scripture. Following her presentation and the Q-and-A that came afterward, TALLAWAH got her to elaborate on a few of her key arguments, and she was more than happy to oblige. 

Sex ought to be in the Bible Study curriculum
“I’ve always said that God is the creator of sex, and if we are going to teach the total God, then sex has to be included. We have to teach it, especially for the benefit of the younger people. Sex is one of the most problematic areas in Christianity, so we need to constantly deal with it, but in an age–appropriate way.” 

If you’re married it is your responsibility to have a vibrant sex life. Sex comes with marriage; you can’t have one without the other 
“I’m a marriage officer, and I always remind couples that a healthy sex life is vital for a healthy marriage. So whenever persons come to me with certain issues I send them to the doctor to get it checked out. You have to maximize your sex potential while you’re here because there is no sex in heaven. The only married people I know not having sex are people with physical ailments.”

If you do it, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it 
“We cannot be ashamed to talk about something that God created. Sex is in the Bible for a reason. He gives us everything we need for our happiness and that includes sexual health and vitality. We cannot be ashamed to enjoy and talk about something that God created, in a responsible and mature way.” 

As you get older, you might lose the ability but never the desire 
“The desire will be always be there, especially for the men. But the woman’s libido may become lowered due to changes in the body, caused by drop in oestrogen levels or menopause or a certain ailment.” 

Why July’s Single, Sexy, Satisfied and Waiting is this summer’s hottest beach read 
“It’s about enjoying the single life and not envying what married people have because a lot of married wish they were single. Before you start thinking about marriage, you have to learn to appreciate you first, love you first. Marriage multiplies the distractions, so you have to be prepared. So the book gives a lot of advice about building character and how to find a mate, how to be a better you and how to get yourself ready. 

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