Saturday, 29 April 2017

50-SECOND MOVIE REVIEW: Unforgettable is a flawed but frequently jolting domestic thriller

THE WOMEN: Dawson and Heigl square off in this scene from the new thriller-drama.

FOR any Hollywood actress worth her salt, there comes a time when you have to shed that America’s Sweetheart image and show some toughness and brawn, real depth and range. Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway – they’ve all been there. 

In this month’s Unforgettable, Katherine Heigl (known for such laugh-out-loud romps as 27 Dresses and Knocked Up) steps up to the plate, taking a dramatic departure from her signature roles to turn up the heat as Tessa Connover, an unhinged divorcĂ©e going to extremes to ruin the life of her ex-husband’s new flame, Julia Banks (played with enormous warmth and vulnerability by Rosario Dawson), an editor who leaves the big city for a fresh start in a small town with a gorgeous man (George Stults as David Connover) and his young daughter, Lily. 

Directed by Denise di Novi, working with a script by Christina Hudson, Unforgettable is no Fatal Attraction, but it is frequently jolting and utterly realistic, compellingly recalling such predecessors as Obsessed (BeyoncĂ© Knowles and Ali Larter squaring off over Idris Elba) and the more recent When the Bough Breaks, where Regina Hall and newcomer Jaz Sinclair had their knock-down drag-out brawl over Morris Chestnut. 

Exploring regret, heartbreak and the pain of moving on, it’s about a woman with an abusive past desperate to put that past behind her, but it’s also a reminder that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Even so, it’s Heigl’s startling transformation into the ice-queen Barbie with a perfectionist streak that proves most unforgettable. Tyrone’s Verdict: B

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