Saturday, 8 April 2017

LIFE + STYLE: Escape to The Treatment Room + Industry pros to discuss fashion’s evolution + Lasco unveils the iDrade

COOL FACTOR: Just in time for the rollout of the Jamaica Moves islandwide fitness campaign, Lasco has unveiled their latest refreshing beverage set to take over the local market: iDrade, branded as “everyday hydration for everyday heroes.” Available in such tropically fruity flavours as Berry Mix, Lemon Lime and Pom Berry, iDrade is an isotronic/sports drink that workout enthusiasts can consume to replace the fluids lost throughout the day, during physical activity or prolonged exercise. As the manufacturers emphasize, it’s ideal for preventing dehydration, providing the essential electrolytes to refuel the body. And in case you didn’t know, electrolytes are those body nutrients or chemicals whose primary functions include regulating the heartbeat too allow the muscles to contract, while preventing muscle weakness and severe cramping. Visit for more information. 

HEALING TOUCH: Whether you’re in the mood for the hour-long Traditional Usui Reiki (Japanese energy balancing to help the body heal itself), the 30-minute Total Bliss Swedish Massage (easing tension with a revitalizing touch) or the 25-minute Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, The Treatment Room, one of Kingston’s best spa secrets, promises to have you feeling like a brand-new you. The establishment’s extensive menu lists a range of services (think reflexology, personalized organic facials) and alternative therapies (restoring the mind-body balance, gentle massages) designed to soothe and revitalize. Operated by wellness-etiquette doyenne Mary Ann Girvan, The Treatment Room (Unit 15A Seymour Park, Old Hope Road, Kingston) offers customized sessions from 15 minutes up. Standard treatments are half-an-hour, an hour, or an hour-and-a-half. All treatments are by appointments only. Email or call 927-7341 (landline)/792-1352 (mobile). 

STYLE & SUBSTANCE: The all-important conversation about the future of the Jamaican fashion industry moves to the Edna Manley College later this month for an Arts Management seminar series titled “The Evolution of Fashion – Designing for the Future.” Attendees will hear from panelists and industry experts like Courtney Washington, Laura Lee Jones, Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger and the MoDA Market’s Kerry-Ann Clarke (above). The session is set for Wednesday, April 19, at the college’s seminar room, commencing at 4pm.

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