Wednesday, 17 May 2017

MADE IN JAMAICA: Fresh-faced beauty Kerrell Bennett makes a splash with her Bella Scents line

HEAVEN 'SCENT': The product line includes everything from body butter to clay and charcoal masks.

YOU know the kind of bright, young, business-savvy entrepreneurs who come off as a walking, talking billboard for their products? The flawlessly radiant and youthfully energetic Karrell Bennett, founder and proprietor of Bella Scents, a small line of home-made skin-care and body products, is that girl. Bennett’s products are made from scratch, using all-natural ingredients that promote and aid in bringing out beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

Her customers can choose from a great batch. There’s the body butter (with a moisturizing effect that’s “very healing”), the virgin coconut oil (extracted by the cold process technique), the body scrubs (sea-salt butter and sugar scrubs), clay and charcoal mask/scrubs (minimize pores and soak up pesky oil), African black soap (fights acne, removes makeup, conditions the skin) cleansing pads (control breakouts), the three-in-one hair butter (promote hair growth and a healthy scalp) and the clay and charcoal soap (a “perfect” skin detoxifier).

“I have found the simplest things to be most effective on my skin,” dishes Bennett, who swears by the healing and rejuvenative powers of shea, rosemary, lavender essential oil, cocoa butter and honey. “My goal is to bring awareness to what we put on our skin, as our body absorbs it all, good and bad, within a few seconds. I wanted to make natural products that are safe and without toxic ingredients.” 
The 20-something businesswoman, who was urged to enter the beauty market after testing her home-made products on friends and relatives, says the feedback over the past year and a half has been encouraging. “I want to open a little store, something warm and cozy,” she tells TALLAWAH, looking ahead. “Further down the line I hope to enter the international market to let people know that Jamaicans are making skin-care products that are just as awesome as the international brands.” 

Bennett (above, left), who was among the dozens of exhibitors attracting patrons to their eye-catching displays at the recent JN Barber & Beauty showdown inside the National Arena, feels young Jamaicans have a responsibility to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with vigour and courage. “Just jump in, if it’s something you love and have a passion for,” says the adventurous St. Andrew native, who is into bungee jumping and horse-back riding. “You have to be your biggest cheerleader, but make sure it’s something that you love. It has to be something you’re passionate about.” 

> Connect with Bella Scents on Facebook/Instagram (@bellascentsja); Email; or call 366-5914.

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