Thursday, 18 May 2017

TOUGHER STUFF: A Letter from the Editor

ALL THE WAY: Mignott and Suzie A (below, with Carlene Davis) continue to make strides in their respective careers.

ONE of the pieces we’re proudest to include in this May 2017 issue is our exclusive interview with Paula ‘Suzie Q’ Bonner, the veteran media player who epitomizes soul survivor and staying power. As you will read in “Not Easily Broken,” Suzie, who now hosts the weekly Suzie Q Gospel Trail, has been through quite a lot on her journey, but she’s emerged whole and eager to share her testimony with her international viewing public and those she comes in contact with in her everyday experiences.

Those who’ve been fortunate to witness the metamorphosis of her success story have certainly noted her graciousness in the good times and her grace-under-fire approach to the tough times. Today’s generation of young Jamaicans can learn a thing or two from her about dealing with adversity, and her profile in this month’s issue is a must-read for anyone caught in the undertow.
Akeem Mignott, our handsome cover star, is another noteworthy (and evolving) success story that keeps on getting better. After spending the past few years solidifying his place in the fickle performing-arts world, the 23-year-old has impressively – and with a little help from colleagues and those who wish him well – morphed into a bonafide leading man and a worthy contender for Alwyn Scott’s crown. Akeem has a brilliant career ahead of him, and as he tells us in “Standing in the Spotlight,” he’s set no ceiling on his plans for the future, particularly the work he intends to do as a member of the theatre fraternity. 

The ladies who grace “Cutting a Dash,” our round-up of the 10 Best Dressed Women in Jamaica, are well-known, dynamic divas who expertly balance the tough and the tender. To say the least, they are terrific role models for youngsters everywhere, while serving up that splendid mix of style and substance. Their names consistently pop up among the most admired and inspiring Jamaicans of the day for a reason. 

After all, like Suzie Q and Akeem, they never fail to remind us that there’s no substitute for hard work, resilience and the determination to rise to the top.

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