Tuesday, 25 July 2017

BOLT ON THE MOVE: The superstar sprinter posts a season’s best in Monaco, attends charity auction in London

WORK IN PROGRESS: “Every run is always good for your confidence. The better you run, the better you execute, and it helps you be more confident. I was pleased to go under 10 seconds. I think I executed pretty well,” the World’s Fastest Man told reporters in Monaco on the weekend, after posting a season’s best 9.95 seconds to win the Men’s 100M dash at the IAAF Diamond League Meet. But Bolt does concede that his performance was hampered by flaws. “It wasn’t the best race, but I don’t think the coach will stress me too much. As long as it’s a win, I’m going in the right direction. And it’s under 10 seconds, so that’s a good thing.” These pre-London meets, Bolt emphasized, form part of his work-in-progress report. “These races are for me to train and practice to see what I need to work on before I get to the [World] Championships,” said the double sprint world-record holder, who is on the cusp of retirement. 

THE WORLD’S GREATEST: Modern track-and-field owes a debt of gratitude to the power duo of Usain Bolt and revered coach Glen Mills for bringing a whole new dimension to the sport. Members of the Jamaican Diaspora the world over have consistently paid tribute to the world’s greatest living sprinter and his coach for their contributions and achievements. Last week, Britain’s The Voice newspaper put on a charity auction at the Dorcester Hotel in London, where Bolt and Mills were the guests of honour presented with special citations. The charity event raised over 30,000 pounds after guests bid on some highly coveted items, including a pair of Bolt’s spikes that fetched 10,000 pounds. (The proceeds will benefit projects to be undertaken in support of the new and emerging generation of Jamaican athletes.) The Voice shindig also provided a chance for Bolt and Mills to reflect on their fruitful years-long partnership. “Coach is a father figure and best friend. He’s more than a coach, and I’m very grateful he’s in my life,” Bolt said during a sit-down with The Voice’s Joel Campbell. “He’s taught me more than just track-and field, and I will forever be thankful.” 

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