Thursday, 6 July 2017

LIFE + STYLE: Heed Richard Branson’s sage advice + Sign up for RTA summer tennis classes + Tune into to Flow’s new web series

CHILL SPOT: Thursday Night Live is the name of Flow’s new web-based talk show series that promises to bring together celebrity guests, juicy scoop, lifestyle tips and the kind of entertainment Jamaican viewers crave into one appealing online package. “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to use our technology to connect our customers and fans online with the things they love,” shares Flow’s Social Media Manager, Matthew Webster. “In this vein, [TNL] will be an online meeting place for our local celebrities and their fans. It’s where they can ask questions and get to know each other.” Flow has tapped popular comic and vlogger Dutty Berry (above with guest Shenseea) to host the series being piloted this summer. 

GET SOME GAME: There’s no better time than the summer months to work on your back-hand serve and full-court movements. Or sign up for a beginner’s class. Either way, you’re in luck, as the Russell Tennis Academy (RTA) has kicked off their 2017 tennis summer camp at Campion College, a training facility perfect for young upstarts (future Serenas and Novaks) and the young-at-heart. The camp, running from July 3 to August 1, offers full-day and half-day programmes and private lessons by appointment. All equipment are provided. Fees range from $3,500 per hour for private lessons; $9,000 for the weekly half-day programme and $16,000 for the weekly full-day programme. The summer flex special (choose any three days) carries a price tag of $6,000 for the half programme and $12,000 for the full programme. To sign up call 880-4337 or log on to to learn more. 

THE LITTLE THINGS: Today’s emerging entrepreneurs this side of the hemisphere would be hard-pressed to find a more ideal mentor than Richard Branson, the Virgin Empire titan who recently opened the Branson Caribbean Centre at Sovereign Centre in Liguanea, St. Andrew. Emphasizing the old adage that the customer always comes first, he dropped pearls of wisdom for those in attendance. “A lot of big companies don’t listen to their staff or the customers to get the little details right. Listen to the people who buy your products,” the multi-billion-dollar man (pictured above with PM Andrew Holness and Daryl Vaz) advised. “Listen to your staff who are on the front-line. Write things down that they tell you and then make sure that you sort those things out.”

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