Wednesday, 16 August 2017

TALK OF THE TOWN: J'can sprintng has "taken a pause," says Donald Quarrie

What are we to make of Team Jamaica's dismal showing at the just-concluded London World Championships? Some people feel it was an immense letdown, given our tendency to dominate the sprints and come away from these global championships with no less than eight medals. This time around, we bagged half of that amount (one gold and three bronzes). Is the high standard of our athletics gradually eroding? The best person to answer is Donald Quarrie, the contingent's technical leader, who says "we have taken a pause." But what does this mean exactly? "Things have not come through the way [we] planned, and that's part of track-and-field," he is quoted as saying. "Let's go back to the drawing board, maintain our name and standard in the sprints and build up the other areas. We have taken a pause, but we will be a force to reckon with very soon again." As they say, optimism should always win in the end... 

The JCDC has been winning all season long and deserve magnificent kudos for the excellent production value they brought to the Emancipendence/Jamaica 55 events inside the National Arena - from the Festival Queen coronation, Gospel Song Finals and World Reggae Dance to Mello Go Roun' and the lavish Grand Gala that people are still talking about. Does this mean the Stadium Complex has replaced the Ranny Williams Centre as the home base for the annual Emancipendence festivities? 

And speaking of winners, we have to give props to the original Dancehall Queen Carlene, who is still fit, fly and fabulous after all these years. Carlene was one of the judges for the World Reggae Dance Championships, and she was a sight for sore eyes. She's still got it! 

While 15 Usain Bolt Tracks & Records are set to spring up across the UK over the course of the next five years, it seems Fiction (its Marketplace neighbour) is on its way back to the top of the night-life food chain, having been refurbished, reconceptualized and 'reopened' for the word-hard, play harder VIPs, to the tune of US$1 million. "The room is completely new and we're not done yet," boasts smart businessman and big spender David 'Squeeze' Annakie


> Will you be tuning to The Rich & The Ruthless, a new soap opera produced by Victoria Rowell (The Young & The Restless), set to air on TV-J? 

> Is the upcoming Pride Jamaica Conference an invitation-only event or will it be open to the general public?

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