Thursday, 7 September 2017

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Pastor Devon Dick, economist Mark Ricketts, Minister Olivia Grange, and more

EASTERN PROMISE: Usain Bolt converses with a geisha girl during the opening ceremony for Hublot Kyoto in Japan on Tuesday.

Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange: 
“We are in the process of establishing a partnership with Usain Bolt’s team to leverage his success and to work with him to ensure that his legacy lives on. So we are working on tangible projects that will be a lasting legacy to Usain Bolt.” 

Pastor Devon Dick: 
“What needs to be done is for those who are corrupt to stop being corrupt. Those who are extorting to stop the extortion. Those who are not presenting a statement of income and expenditure to start producing one. And the government must underwrite the cost of those who cannot make the contribution towards legitimate expenses for school administration and delivery of quality education.” 

Researcher Jeanette Calder: 
“While Jamaica does fairly well with ‘calling to account’ public officials and agencies, it is in the area of ‘holding to account’ – which involves sanctioning and penalizing officers who fail to properly discharge their duties – that we are failing miserably. This is a deficit we can scarcely afford as the combined budget for seven of the key oversight agencies in this 2017/18 financial year amounts to more than $2 billion.” 

Kayon Wallace, Director of Corporate Communications at Flow 
“While there are some aspects of our network that currently support 10-digit dialing, we are working on completing several critical additional upgrades that are required for the full implementation per the timeline stated. We continue to collaborate with the OUR and will ensure that all our key stakeholders are duly advised of this new requirement in a timely manner.” 

Economist and lecturer Mark Pritchett: 
“Whenever governments make outrageous and fanciful proposals, whether in education, the criminal justice system or health care, they do not seriously factor social overhead capital (buildings, equipment) and human resource needs, so our teachers, nurses, policemen and other public-sector workers are always asked to tighten their belts.”

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