Thursday, 21 September 2017

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Sound bytes from Chancellor Robert Bermudez, PM Andrew Holness, Dr. Peter Phillips, and more

PEOPLE POWER: Phillips greeting party supporters during Sunday's grand PNP conference inside the National Arena.

Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips
“It cannot be that the Jamaican construction industry – our architects, our engineers, our contractors who design and build the National Stadium, the Jamaica Conference Centre, New Kingston, the BOJ Building, the Scotia Centre – are now being told that in order to redevelop Kingston and construct the new Parliament building, we have to get foreign expertise to design and build. That is not going forward; that is moving backward.” 

Professor Densil Williams 
“Despite concessions from the Government, Jamaican firms will always find it difficult to compete head-on with Chinese firms. The neo-liberal project is more hospitable to the types of resources the Chinese firms bring to the table than those offered by Jamaican companies. If we want to deal with discussions about Chinese invasion seriously, we need to first determine whether there is an alternative to the neo-liberal restructuring pathway to development.” 

Columnist Ian Boyne 
“Jamaica is lacking that sense of common purpose. Economic growth alone can’t inspire citizenship; only atomistic individuals. The updated version of money jingling in our pockets is empty and uninspiring. With the [JLP and PNP] following the same economic programme, the difference must be in the vision of building that New Jamaica.” 

New UWI Chancellor Robert Bermudez 
“The reality is that the university is not a business and that, although there are business aspects to the university and there are things about business that could be useful, the university should not be approved as a business, as it is not here to make a profit; it is here as a common good.” 

Prime Minister Andrew Holness 
“We have to strike the balance and ensure the required interconnectivity to drive us forward. It is this relationship, among a range of service providers, infrastructure developers, providers of goods and technology and services that will ensure the linkages in our economy, to ensure our growth and job-creation success.”

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