Thursday, 28 September 2017

THESPY/ACTOR BOY WATCH: These 5 Best Actor hopefuls could go all the way this season

FAMILY MAN: Wilson plays opposite Sharee Elise as an unfaithful husband who lands in hot water.

LAST time, we shone the spotlight on five leading ladies going for Best Actress gold this season. Now, the actors get their turn. Here are five male-lead performances that sit atop our must-watch list. 

COURTNEY WILSON in Matey Chronicles  
As a prominent Jamaican man caught between a rock and a hard place –a devoted wife and a restless, demanding mistress – Wilson turns in nuanced and compelling work, which solidifies his place as the new and reigning king of the roost at Jambiz. 

CHRIS McFARLANE in Dat A Gwaan Jamaica 
A past winner and frequent nominee in this category, McFarlane deserves mighty kudos for a series of commanding character sketches (from a ruthless shotta to On Stage’s Winford Williams) that helped transform Dahlia Harris’ side-splittingly funny dancehall comedy revue into a bonafide crowd-pleaser. 

Samuels, the tireless king of comedy, got to play up his dramatic strengths to sterling effect (as a cranky father who just buried his beloved) in this highly commendable ensemble show that reunited the stage icon with veteran colleague Volier ‘Maffy’ Johnson and brought out a back-from hiatus Audrey Reid. 

DAVID TULLOCH in White Skin, Black Heart 
Though he’s known for delivering fascinating work behind the scenes (as writer, director and producer), Tulloch got in on the stage action big time in his latest offering, bringing great conviction and sly charm to the role of a young father caught up in crazy-ex-wife drama. 

No rest for the talented. After a string of performances with DMH Productions, Johnson returned to his roots, reuniting with longtime pal Oliver Samuels in a show that drew on his expert balance of the comedic and the dramatic, and his knack for tapping into a character’s strengths and zoning in on the emotional weak spots.

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