Monday, 25 September 2017

#WORK&WEALTH2017: What’s your philosophy on money and wealth creation?

ARE you a hoarder, a save-it-then-spend-it type or an unabashed shopaholic and big spender? Whether you fall into one of these boxes or defy categorization, you can’t deny the fact that money matters – especially in these harsh socio-economic times. In honour of this month’s ‘Work & Wealth’ theme, we asked a few personalities to share their personal feelings on dollars and sense. 

DELANO FORBES, CEO Phase 3 Productions
“I do believe in saving, but I’m not quite there yet. For me, it’s a cycle – you save up and then spend it on something that you really want. But it’s also important to save up to meet longer term goals, which is where the whole idea of wealth creation comes in. Growing up in the family business, my parents definitely instilled in me an appreciation for money. There was a time when we almost lost everything, so I know the value of money.”

KARLA TULLOCH, singer-actress
“To me, building wealth is more important than regular saving because you have to focus on what’s more lasting. Having enough to live comfortably for the moment is good, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have enough for the rest of your life. So you have to secure your future, which is the most important thing.”

SAMANTHA BREVETT, stage manager-actress
“I’m more of an investor. So I invest so I’ll gain the benefits in the long run. I still want to live comfortably in the meantime, so I try to save a lot and live within my means.”

JERRY BENZWICK, comedian-actor
“I tend to spend everything, so now I’m trying to gain an honest appreciation and respect for money. People say you must spend money to raise money, but I’m just terrible with money in general. So I’m learning to take a more sensible approach. But I do believe in building wealth, so that you can leave tangible things behind for your loved ones.”

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