Saturday, 14 October 2017

ON HIS MIND: CEO Delano Forbes assesses the fast-growing video-production world and Phase 3’s role as a leader in the field

MEMORY LANE: "king in the family business has been the single biggest learning experience of my life," says Forbes, who did his Master's at FIU.

THERE’s no field that showcases advancement in technology more profoundly than video production. I learn that every day at Phase 3 Productions. Jamaica is right up there with the top countries using the latest in HD and other modern technology, and locally Phase 3 has always been ahead of the curve. We play a significant role in the local set-up, and we are always seeing out new ways of expanding on that role, in terms of how we cover events and deliver the best package to our customers.

The paradigm has shifted dramatically over the years, and that pushes us to redouble our efforts to stay on top of the competition. We’ve been using HD for over seven years now, long before other local companies caught on, and it gave an early boost to the work we do producing content for export and local consumption. The industry is definitely growing; people are trying different things, and we are glad to be a part of the industry at this time.

I consider it a privilege to be CEO of Phase 3, our family business, at this juncture. I remember when I came back from college (I studied TV & Media Production at New York University and did my MBA at Florida International University), my dad started giving me a lot more responsibility. He was grooming me, getting me ready.
Today, I work alongside my mom, Dr. Marcia Forbes, who is the Executive Chairman. Whose idea always wins out? Like any family, we disagree on a lot of things, so it’s usually a split decision. 

Working in the family business has been the single biggest learning experience of my life. We’ve had to get through some really tough times. My dad went blind in 1998, and when the business was destroyed by fire, we practically lost everything. As a 17-year-old kid that’s hard on you. As an adult, you remember those times and they motivate you.

As far as the industry goes, the times have changed tremendously. Video and film production is a totally different ball game from 10, 15 years ago. Social media has taken over, and everybody is stepping up their game. As a result, the dependency on certain types of coverage is far less than it used to be, so you just have to stay dynamic and try different things. And there are a few new things we are considering for the future because when it comes to doing business we can’t be solely dependent on the local blue-chip companies. We’ve been working with a few more international clients. 

So it’s an interesting time. It’s a challenging time. Things are evolving, and we hope to keep in touch with what’s happening. As Wayne Gretzky said, ‘You don’t skate to where the puck is; you skate to where it’s going to be.’ I live by that. – As told to TALLAWAH Magazine

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