Tuesday, 7 November 2017

5 THINGS I’VE LEARNED IN LIFE: Flow’s Stephen Miller talks about personal growth and valuable lessons learned

MILLER TIME: The 36-year-old has a very "dynamic role" with the Flow team.

STEPHEN Miller strikes that perfect balance between playboy and professional with relative ease. A Campion College alum blessed with marketing skills, street smarts and big intellect, the 36-year-old is on the rise in the corporate world, currently serving as Sponsorship Manager at Flow, which is set to kick-off the well-anticipated fourth instalment of the schoolboy football fiesta – the Flow Super Cup – at Catherine Hall this weekend. Miller, who represented Campion College in junior-league soccer back in the day, talks to TALLAWAH about the art of living and learning. 

PLANNING AHEAD: “There are lots of things you’ll encounter in your working life and the only way to mitigate those negative scenarios is to plan as far ahead as possible. It gives you a sense of calm and a feeling of security when it comes to the test. You’ll be prepared.” 

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: “It’s a very dynamic job I have. We get to undertake a lot of initiatives like these [Flow Super Cup] that impact national development. It’s a great way for giving back. There are also many opportunities to work with international brands. It’s a great position to be in, especially when you think of how dynamic the role is – and it allows for rapid growth, which is key in this industry.” 

DREAMING BIG AND HAVING PASSION: “What’s funny is that coming out of high school I always thought engineering was the way to go. But I when I got back from college, I started dabbling in party promotion, and I found that it is a skill I had that could be developed further. I explored it and it worked. Years later, I caught the eye of a certain company, and before you knew it, I was considered for a certain post, and here I am today.” 

KEEPING THE FAITH: “You encounter so many obstacles that it is best to plan ahead and learn from past mistakes. I think that in the end, if you have that belief and put the plans in place, it might work out.” 

PUTTING ON A SHOW: “The [Super Cup] has certainly grown from strength to strength, but we said we’d try a different format this year. Instead of the usual 16 teams, we’d use the top eight – the top four schools from the urban area Manning Cup and the top four from the rural area DaCosta Cup. These are eight very strong teams. They come in from the semi-final stage of the Manning Cup, so the momentum is there. We’ve dubbed it the Champions League of schoolboy football, and the Flow team is excited as always. I’m definitely looking forward to this season. We love to see the level of excitement grow every year.”

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