Tuesday, 21 November 2017

GOOD MEDICINE: The truth about chest pains + Banishing varicose veins + An exciting new pain-relief product

> In his demanding line of work, Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid has to do a lot of chest pain evaluations, assessing the quality, intensity, duration and exact location of the discomfort. His advice for Jamaicans? Pay attention to chest pain; never dismiss chest pains. “If left untreated, chest pain is something that can lead to heart attack and other life-threating conditions like pulmonary embolism. Most times it’s muscular and acid reflux-related or it can be something that is coronary-related. The doctor has to make sure to rule out certain things and take steps to make sure the patient is safe,” Dr. Tulloch-Reid told TALLAWAH following his informative presentation on ‘Pain in Cardiology’ at Sunday’s well-attended Dr. Ena Thomas Memorial Lecture & Symposium at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston. “Oftentimes, people are experiencing chest pains and don’t come in. They stay home and drink mint tea. Some think it’s because of gas, so they stay home. If it’s a new pain, a pain you never experienced before, go see a doctor right away. Be aware of how dangerous it can be and how quickly you can die. So both the doctors and the patients have to be more aware and more vigilant and don’t just dismiss it.”

> Are there any at-home remedies (or ‘treatments’0 to turn to when dealing with unsightly varicose veins, in the hope of preventing such conditions as Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Deep Vein Thrombosis? Guyanese-born medic Dr. Zwade Marshall, now Director of the Pain Centre of Augusta (Emory University), heartily recommends “conservative leg elevation in the evenings, compression socks and inflammatory medications.” But what’s the primary cause of varicose veins? “It’s largely due to genetics. That’s the number one thing,’ said Dr. Marshall, who gave the guest lecture at Sunday’s symposium, now in its 44th year. “Other causes include standing-up professions and having a history of deep vein thrombosis.” For those who can afford the price, venous ablation is an effective treatment option. “For most of my patients, it’s covered by insurance,” Dr. Marshall points out. ‘The cost for treatment is US$1200 per vein.” 

> Made in India! 
Algic-P comes highly recommended by its manufacturers. Combining aceclofenac and paracetamol tablets, it guarantees reduction of inflammation, restores mobility and provides superior and rapid pain relief. In other words, it’s ideal for doctors to recommend to their patients suffering from arthritis flare-up, post-operative pain, fractures and dislocations and other conditions. “The combination of aceclofenac (with its peripheral effect 0 and paracetamol (with its central effect) will give better analgesic efficacy than individual drugs, with less incidence of side effects,” manufacturers MSN Laboratories, based in Telangana, India, advises. Algic-P was among the pain relief medication showcased at Sunday’s 44th Annual Dr. Ena Thomas Memorial Lecture at the Jamaica Pegasus. Ask your doctor about Algic-P today.

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