Saturday, 4 November 2017

LET THE GAMES BEGIN: Sponsors see Flow Super Cup as excellent vehicle for sports and youth development

POWER PLAYERS: Reps from megabrands KFC, Coca Cola, Flow, Nike and the ATL Group share a post-Draw photo-op at the Audi showroom.

THE format may be different this year (with only eight teams participating – 4 urban schools, 4 rural schools), but the passionate commitment to putting on a first-class competition while supporting youth development and the growth of Jamaican football remains the driving force behind the Flow Super Cup (dubbed ‘the Champions League of local schoolboy football’), now in its fourth year. 

“This is the second year for us being on board. This is a real premiere showcase of talent. We’ve been aligned with high school sports for a while, but with the Super Cup we see the cream of the crop, and we get to play our part in youth development,” noted Andrei Roper (below), representing sponsors KFC. He was addressing the standing-room-only gathering at Thursday’s Super Cup Draw held inside the Audi Showroom, Oxford Road, New Kingston.

Presenting sponsors Coca Cola also seized the opportunity to impact the lives of talented Jamaican youth. “It was the best decision for us to make. It really aligns with our vision and it allows us to encourage our young footballers to dream big. So we’re very excited to be back on board this year,” said Brand Marketing Manager Michaela Francis.

Scotiabank is also teaming up with Flow for the second straight year. “It is an excellent opportunity for us to support youth development. It’s part of our mandate and our vision. We couldn’t miss out on this initiative,” shared Kaysia Johnson-Vaughn, Marketing Manager for Programmes.
And playing football with the right equipment helps to bring about the desired results. “The most important thing is gear. It’s impossible to walk out on the field in something that doesn’t look or feel good, and we make our players feel good,” said Nike/Locker Room Sports representative Simone Jackson. “It’s important for Locker Room to give the best to the best.” 

Understandably, the entire Flow team is excited about launching the competition again, while shaking things up for 2017. “We’ve transformed this competition, this brand, to the point where it has become the pick of the schoolboy competitions in the land,” said Stephen Price, Managing Director for Flow Jamaica. “And partnering with ISSA and these sponsors, it’s a great journey.” 

Marketing doyenne Kim Lee had some exciting news for viewers. “It’s the first year we are carrying [the Super Cup] live and exclusively. You can watch the coverage on all our stations and on the cable channels and on your [Flow mobile] phones,” Lee said. “So everybody can see the games live and in HD.” 

In addition to KFC, Nike/Locker Room Sports, Scotiabank and Coca Cola, sponsors for the 4th annual Flow Super Cup include the ATL Group, Freshhh, Pringles and media partners the Jamaica Observer and Irie FM.

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