Thursday, 30 November 2017

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Richard Byles calls for economic ‘vigilance’ + Ronnie Thwaites skeptical about NIDs + Gleaner editor on Jamaica’s regional ties, and more

André Wright, Opinion Pages Editor, Gleaner Company 
“[PM Andrew] Holness must be commended in his ambitions to deepen Jamaica’s economic ties with Dominican Republic… Perhaps the Golding report on Jamaica’s future relationship with CARICOM has not been unveiled because it reinforces Mr. Golding’s sometimes icy apathy towards the regional bloc, in contradiction to Mr. Holness’ rhetoric on broadening its footprint.” 

Donovan Stanberry, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries 
“From a nutritional and health standpoint, eating what you grow makes sense. It is something that we have to keep preaching, because not only are we killing ourselves slowly with the sugars and salt from these imported products but there is also the crisis of low coverage of health insurance. I think in Jamaica, we have done extremely well in the last 14 years to reverse that – not only from the standpoint of people’s psyche being changed gradually but also from the standpoint of the supply side in terms of increased agriculture production and the fact that we have been able to do that against so many odds.” 

Mike Henry, Minister of Transport and Mining 
“I must point out that there is no way we can improve the [mining] sector without taking steps to diversify and arrest the value-added components that have seemingly eluded us over the years. The time has come for players to pull up their socks, lift the standards, organize their operations to maximize returns and go for the growth that beckons.” 

Rev. Ronald Thwaites, Central Kingston MP 
“As it is, state propaganda notwithstanding, the national identification system will not work. It has been condemned to needless skepticism and resistance by the very interests proposing it. In scholastic philosophy, as in politics, there is a huge difference between the id quod (the purpose itself) and the modum quo (the way in which that purpose is affected). The latter will often negate the good of the former.” 

Richard Byles, Sagicor and Red Stripe Chairman and 2017 PSOJ Hall of Fame Inductee 
“Today there is considerable confidence in the economy and with good reason. All the macroeconomic indicators continue to be positive and the table is set to see greater growth. In an environment like that, we have a tendency to forget how we got into the debt trap and how important it is to remain vigilant.”

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