Monday, 20 November 2017

#YOUTHQUAKE2017: Which Jamaican young achiever do you admire the most?

Nominated by Renée McDonald, choreographer/law student 
“I’m really proud of him. He started [the bag company] Bresheh, which has been doing extremely well, and he’s also been giving a lot of motivational talks, especially to young people. I just find him extremely inspiring.” 

Nominated by Dr. Winston Dawes, consultant surgeon/former JFF president 
“When you look at who he was in 2011, when he went to the Youth Games and never medalled – I think he took on too many events – to where he is now, you see how he never stopped. He came back and became a champion. Then he was on top and fell during a crucial race. He came back again to win gold at the Olympics.”

Nominated by Marcia Erskine, PR woman extraordinaire 
“He had his trials and tribulations, but he rose above them. Athletics is not an easy business; it certainly takes a lot of hard work. And we have to appreciate all that he has achieved by sticking with it.” 

Cover girl SHANTOL Jackson 
Nominated by Dahlia Harris, playwright/producer/TV host 
“Her breakthrough in film was nothing short of amazing. And she has been doing excellent work in theatre. So she is my pick for sure.” 

Nominated by Orville Hall, Dancin’ Dynamites judge 
 “He sings, he acts, he can dance. Very outstanding and prolific young man. I like his humility. He was a student of mine at EXED Community College, and since then I have seen his growth. With the movies he has done and the songs he’s putting out, we now see him embodying all that he has learnt.”

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