Thursday, 14 December 2017

CULTURE VULTURE: Karen Booker set to bring interior design contest to TV + #Russia2018 World Cup campaign among KFC’s New Year strategies + Terri Salmon, Sabrina Thomas lead Jamaica Sweeter cast

COMING TO THE STAGE: One of the season’s hottest tickets, Jamaica Sweeter opens at the Phoenix Theatre on December 22, but only one performer from the Actor Boy-winning original (Jamaica Sweet) is reprising her role in the cast. Terri Salmon, who won the Thespy for Outstanding Supporting Actress is being joined this time around by a mix of industry rising stars, led by Sabrina Thomas (Across the Bridge) and Derrick Clarke, known for his work with the Pantomime Company and a key role in Michael Holgate’s Garvey: The Musical. Completing the six-hander are Ricky Rowe (Samson & Di Liar), Samantha Brevett (White Skin, Black Heart) and Luke Ellington (Bashment Granny 3). Following opening night, the musical revue (helmed by David Tulloch, with choreography by Neisha-Yen Jones) will play until January 7 at the New Kingston-based theatre.

STYLISH SIGNATURE: So you think you can bring it as an interior designer? Let Karen Booker, the certified Design Diva, put those skills to the test. The TV hostess and Creative Director of the Karen Booker Design Group, recently gave TALLAWAH the exclusive scoop on a design-based competition/reality series she plans to launch in the coming months. “It’s geared towards helping persons who have interest in interior design or work in interior design and want to take their careers to the next level,” she says of the Mission Catwalk-type contest to be overseen by a judging panel, which will crown the winner as Jamaica’s next big design star. The televised competition should commence within the first quarter of 2018. “We have so much talent in Jamaica that is unexplored,” Booker says, “and if we could bring some of that to the forefront, it would be an absolute dream.” 

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Following a memorable year that saw them further amplifying their role as a good corporate citizen, KFC is all set to raise the bar even higher in 2018. “We will continue to ensure that our customers are satisfied, and we hope to have even greater innovation around the products that we launch. More sponsorship, more giving back,” shares Andrei Roper, who has been in the post of Brand Manager for a year-and-a-half, speaking with TALLAWAH at the recent Liguanea Art Festival. Just in time for the holiday season, KFC has kicked off a customer appreciation campaign, where some 35 winners will partake of over $5 million in prizes, including state-of-the-art TV sets and four-day weekend getaways. Joining forces with Flow for the Super Cup and embarking on a Big Deal promo with singer Chris Martin (above) are just a couple of their 2017 highlights. Roper and the rest of the marketing team are already brainstorming for ideas for the New Year. So what do loyal customers have to look forward to? For the football lovers, a #Russia2018 promotion that will thrust them in the midst of all the World Cup excitement.

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