Wednesday, 20 December 2017

FAST TALK: Cover star David Tulloch riffs on marriage, fatherhood and possibly going into politics

PLAYING HIS ACE: "It's all about time management and knowing when and where to put the right energy," says Tulloch, photographed inside New Kingston's Phoenix Theatre.

WE always knew David Tulloch was full of surprises, but is her seriously considering a career in politics among his future acts? The multi-hyphenate creative artist, who turns 37 in April, is being wooed to follow in the footsteps of his late great dad, Francis Tulloch and vie for the West Central St. James seat in the next General Elections. 

He’s already giving the idea some serious focus, while juggling the dozens of other projects and responsibilities competing for his attention. These days he’s working on book and film adaptations of his hit play For My Daughter, diversifying his Probemaster empire, while raising his son and playing his part in moving the local theatre community forward.

On marriage: “It’s rough, but once you pay interest it pays dividends. It has its ups and downs, but so far so good.”

On fatherhood: “[Joshua] is my pride and joy. When I’m down he’s the one who brings me back up, even when I don’t want to get back up. People say when my son is around they see a softer side of me, so that is a plus.”

On his downtime: “Before the diabetes, I’d usually have a regular drink, but with my new diet, it’s mainly water for drinks. I try to meditate, cook healthy, feed the family, and just kick back with Karla and Josh.”

On a possible foray into representational politics: “I’ve been asked, so I’ve already started some groundwork [in the Granville/Catherine Hall/ Mount Salem area of St. James]. If it happens, it’s always going to be about community and culture.”

On taking his Probemaster empire forward: “I want to go back to basics. Now that I’ve put my health in check, I’m now working on the book version of For My Daughter. We’re also doing some filming. Probemaster is also going into music recording. Both Sabrina and Samantha have projects that they are working on. It’s all about time management and knowing when and where to put the right energy. I’ve been accused of having too many pots on the fire, so I’m focused on working smarter.”

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