Monday, 11 December 2017

MADE IN JAMAICA: Emily B’s exquisite earrings and accessories + Craig Phang Sang’s picture-perfect photographs + Gene Pearson’s astonishing “Art on Fashion”

TAKE IT WITH YOU: Gene Pearson’s masks and other ceramic creations can be found in collections across the globe. Now, the celebrated Jamaican sculptor/artist has widened his reach and diversified his brand to include fashion. Introducing “Art on Fashion” by Gene Pearson. The line includes stylish wardrobe and travel items emblazoned with crisp images of Pearson designs. Ladies-who-lunch might opt for a modal scarf (bearing his 2-colour mask, the green mask or the natural head) or a chic tote bag (showing off his teapot). Party girls might favour his “Face on the Rocks” and “Face Palm” sleeveless tops. As for the guys, you’ll turn heads in the unisex tee brought to life by Pearson’s “Pink Faces” and “Collage 1”. Christmas is upon us so why not treat mommy dearest to a “Bag of Masks” statement bag or a “2 Colour Mask” foldaway tote? For the full catalogue, log on to or visit

FINELY CRAFTED: For designers like Emily Brown, ample reflection and spending time in the great outdoors inspires some of their best work. “I find inspiration in everyday sights and activities – it could be a leaf, a print on a dress. That’s how I created this nature-inspired line, and people have been responding well to it,” shares the 26-year-old Immaculate Conception and UWI Mona grad-turned-jewelry maker and artist, who embellishes her metallic and wooden creations (earrings and other accessories) with mountain ranges, sunsets and other scenic vistas. “Some are paper-made from scratch. But I also use beads, a lot of brass, copper, shell and wood.” As a result of her “labour-intensive” efforts, Brown’s products (under her Emily B label) are alluring works of arts and exquisite studies in subtlety and minimalist chic. She fully intends to spread her wings and make a foray into bridal and lifestyle design. “I want to create a lifestyle brand,” she says of her vision. “Apparel, shoes, and different kinds of accessories.” Follow her on Instagram at EmilyBJm (via

NATURAL BEAUTY: Craig Phang Sang should publicly exhibit his work more often. He’d attract patrons by the hundreds. The seasoned photographer, who’s been honing his craft for decades, has a knack for capturing the most breathtaking images with his lens. All black and white. All stunning in form and function. They make ideal collectors’ items and holiday gifts. His enormous portfolio was a major attraction at last Sunday’s Liguanea Art Festival, drawing festivalgoers who loaded his guestbook with comments expressing awe at his discerning eye. The Asian-Jamaican’s pieces range from landscapes and portraits to idyllic Jamaican scenery and Mother Nature in all her regal glory. View his galleries and make your purchases at

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