Tuesday, 19 December 2017

NEWS FEED: ‘Buy Social’ initiative puts fresh spin on product sales and marketing + Aubyn Hill takes over as Growth Council CEO + Guardsman Armoured gets new Mng. Director

> New ECG CEO Aubyn Hill sets 2.3% growth target
Aubyn Hill, the newly appointed CEO of the Economic Growth Council says the primary aim going forward is to put into effect immediate economic expansion plans, with three veins of focus, to deliver 2.3% growth by next year. “Wherever we are going, we need to stretch to get there and support that higher goal of 5% growth in three years. Along the way we’re going to pass through the 2.3,” Hill has said. “And if we make the 2.3% next year, or even close to that, I think we will be doing very well on moving past the average of 0.8% from over the last 40 years.” Hill’s appointment to the CEO post was made public on Tuesday by PM Andrew Holness during a press conference at Jamaica House.

> Lititia Myers-Gray steps up to Mng. Director post at Guardsman
Guardsman Armoured Limited has promoted Lititia Myers-Gray to the post of Managing Director. In this role, Myers-Gray (who was previously General Manager) will oversee the company’s efforts to maximize customer service and increase value to clients. As the company has made clear, a key goal is to implement further innovations and initiatives that will achieve targeted growth and solve challenges customers face. Myers-Gray holds a BSc in Finance from Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and is a member of CASH Management Association of the Americas and the ATM Industry Association. 

> Bresheh, Deaf Can! Coffee among enterprises benefitting from ‘Buy Social’ initiative
The Social Enterprise Boost Initiative (SEBI) has ushered in a fresh chapter for product sales and marketing on the local scene, thanks to support from the JN Foundation and USAID. Over 30 businesses (being nurtured by SEBI) have been given the green light to use the “Buy Social” trademark to let customers more readily identify their products and distinguish them from the competition. Among the participating businesses are such new and fast-emerging enterprises as Bresheh, Chupse, Petals n Roots, Superior Craft & More, Deaf Can! Coffee, Bunkers Hill Cultural Xperience, Alpha Wear JA, 360 Recycle Manufacturing, JAD Binders, Bartley’s All in Wood, and more.

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