Friday, 29 December 2017

NEWS & NOTES: Business registration goes online in March + Approx. 1,000 youth to get ICT training and jobs + Mark Wignall on the mounting pressure facing Holness

DIGITAL AGE: Starting January 2018, the Universal Service Fund (USF) will be engaging approximately 1,000 youngsters for information communication technology (ICT) training and employment for a year-long period. Science & Technology Minister Dr. Andrew Wheatley, addressing the recent launch at the Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston, said the technology advancement programme will provide a golden opportunity for unattached youth, as well as high-school, college and university graduates and others aged 18-35 years. “We need to ensure that as part of the government’s general thrust to build-out a knowledge-based digital society that we develop the level of competence in our young people to embrace and capitalize on opportunities,” he said. The technology advancement programme will utilize community access points set up by the USF across the island. Participants will receive training and employment in digitization, data collection and proofreading, among other areas. 

ELECTRONIC COMMERCE: The act of registering your new company is now at your fingertips. As of March 2018, Jamaicans at home and abroad will be able to register their businesses online with the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ). Industry minister Karl Samuda says the COJ will be putting the necessary systems in place to facilitate the initiative. The COJ is responsible for the registration of local and overseas companies, individuals and firms carrying on business in Jamaica. Samuda says enabling this kind of business registration is the next step in the process of making biz transactions in Jamaica easier, while improving the country’s ranking in the World Banks’ Doing Business Report.

Sound Byte! 
“Prime Minister Holness is plainly buried under the pressure of creating solutions to the country’s runaway murder rate, reports of gun finds and misinformation. I sympathize with him, but he is the one who came begging for the job. He begged us to vote for him, and he presented us with the conditions for those votes. So far the votes may be holding, but as the murder rate continues in its horrible path, his time may be running out.” – Newspaper columnist Mark Wignall

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