Wednesday, 27 December 2017

THE ROAD AHEAD: National leaders urge Jamaicans to draw on lessons of the past year in plotting the way forward

Prime Minister Andrew Holness: 
“Let us pray this Christmas to become instruments of peace and seek to build a kinder, gentler society. This year was filled with its share of challenges but equally there have been events that give us hope for the future. Our island was built on the spirit of community, togetherness, charitableness, sharing, love and hopefulness. These values have made us resilient in overcoming numerous obstacles. As a Government, we value all our people and will continue to build partnerships. Throughout 2017, I have been deeply humbled by the outpouring of support that Jamaica has given me, my family and my administration. I am honoured to serve as your prime minister. We have engaged in real partnerships. We have had some success on key issues. We have achieved much together in 2017 but we have much more to do.” 

Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips: 
“As a nation we cannot go forward to achieve the progress and prosperity which we seek if we ignore the needs and desires of those who are struggling day to day to make ends meet or those left behind in poverty and homelessness. Let us bring not only a word of cheer to those in our communities that suffer from the twin scourge of crime and violence but let us make the time to sit with them to see how we can help them rebuild their lives and direct them to the paths of peace. From the examples of past effort and accomplishment we can all draw hope that the values of peace, caring and goodwill will enable us to triumph over all adversity.”

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen: 
“This year Jamaica has had its share of unrest, anxiety and other social turbulence which have been occurring within and across national boundaries and of which we are reminded every day. But our history of resilience and our traditions of religious faith and individual courage continue to inspire us to press on with gratitude for the blessings we enjoy and the confidence in the prospect of a brighter future. We must commit ourselves to nurturing a nation family in which our people, especially our children and elderly, can feel safe and our citizens can amicably live, work and create the preferred future that each one desires.”

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