Thursday, 11 January 2018

MAKING A POINT: Miguel Coley reflects on his success and legacy + Lloyd B. Smith riffs on the socio-economic status quo + Mario Christie weighs in on the Sandz/Palisadoes fiasco

“The current way in which the Andrew Holness-led administration is handling the public sector wage issue is a prime example of how not to govern for the greater good. Something has to be desperately wrong in a country where banks make such whopping profits while the working poor have to sell their souls to the company store and where so many politicians end up being rotten rich while their followers have to be satisfied with the crumbs that fall off the table at Jamaica House.” – Journalist and columnist Lloyd B. Smith voicing concern over Jamaica’s political and socio-economic status quo 

“We need to understand both the legal and practical requirements and assess each scenario on a case-by-case basis to understand what is necessary to ensure compliance. Government agencies, party promoters and municipal organizations need to come together in crafting these frameworks and protocols to ensure this debacle never recurs, as it paints the entire nation in a hue of incompetence. Spewing all the facts helps no one, because in the end, the reality we now face is that there was a breakdown in the system, and that is what we need to address.” – Mario Christie (technical manager at a local environmental consultancy firm) talking about the recent Sandz/Palisadoes strip traffic nightmare 

“My legacy is humbling to me. Every year was different; different players, different mindset. The society changes, so to win every single year is always good. It is not easy though. It is very difficult. But being here made it much easier. I will always be a part of the family here. I am happy that I came here. It was mutually beneficial. It has been a journey and I will never leave. My spirit will always be here.” – Departing Jamaica College football coach Miguel Coley, specially honoured at last week’s Purewater/JC/R. Danny Williams meet

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