Saturday, 6 January 2018

NEWS FEED: Big win for National Health Fund + Fitz Jackson calls for better approach to crime-fighting + Registration of political parties has commenced

> ECJ to officially launch Political Parties Registration on Jan. 15 
The ECJ – Electoral Commission of Jamaica – has announced that registration of political parties commenced on January 2. Under the Amended Representation of the People Act (2014), political parties in Jamaica are required to be registered with the ECJ in order to contest national elections. The organization of body is required to make an application to the ECJ, giving full particulars required under Section 52D of the Representation of the People Act. Part VB of the Act sets out certain conditions that must be met in order to be registered as a political party. Entities intending to register are encouraged to submit a completed and signed application form along with supporting documents to the Red Hills Road-based Registrar of Political Parties (ECJ). The official launch of the Political Parties Registration will take place on Monday, January 15, where parties will be presented with their Provisional Certificate of Registration. For more info call 922-0425-9 or email 

> NHF cops Public Sector Corporate Governance Award 
“It really is a pleasure to accept this award and it really is a message to all public entities that we can excel, despite whatever challenges we face in the sector,” says Everton Anderson, CEO of the National Health Fund (NHF), overall winner of the Public Sector Corporate Governance (PSCG) Award for 2016/17. The awards were set up to incentivize public bodies that demonstrate exemplary service and compliance to the Public Bodies Management & Accountability Act (PBMAA). The awards, covering four categories and one overall winner, also promotes awareness and adherence to the principles of good corporate governance and encourage improvement in the standard of disclosure. The Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) copped the award for Best Annual Report.

> Sound byte! 
“There is a converging consensus that the long-term solutions and approach to [crime reduction] requires all hands on board. Not just Government hands or Opposition hands, but inclusive of just about all stakeholder groups and individuals who will become the ultimate owners and defenders of this approach. However, this crime-reduction project requires leadership which the legally constituted government is obligated to provide. The Opposition now states its readiness to make its contribution to this properly thought-out, organized approach.” – Fitz Jackson, Opposition spokesman on national security.

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