Wednesday, 17 January 2018

NEWS & NOTES: More women to be sent on overseas work programme + UWI celebrates 70th anniversary + Local professor says higher education is the way forward

SKILL IS POWER: “The world is moving to have greater balance in most operations and the Canadian government, as is the Jamaican government, wants to have greater gender balance in this programme. We are working towards it,” says Labour Minister Shahine Robinson, announcing that the government intends to increase the number of female participants in its Overseas Employment Programme. Administered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the programme offers employment opportunities for Jamaicans in Canada and the United States in skilled and low-skilled areas, chiefly under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme (SAWP), which traditionally employs a greater percentage of males. According to Minister Robinson, her Canadian counterpart, Patricia Hayden, is equally committed to boosting the programme’s female contingent. Says Robinson, “We have reassured them that we have enough competent females who can go and are willing to go on this programme.”

BUILT TO LAST: With the arrival of 2018, the University of the West Indies (UWI) is celebrating seven decades as “a pivotal force in every aspect of Caribbean development, standing at the centre of all efforts to improve the well-being of our people.” At this juncture, says Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles, reflection, renewal and continuity are crucial. “As the UWI celebrates its 70th anniversary milestone, it will celebrate its students, faculty administrators, alumni, governments and partners in public and private sector,” Beckles notes. “It will focus on reflection, as well as projection for the future, with an emphasis on social justice and the economic transformation of the region.” 

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“Greater access to higher education will afford the skills that are required to participate in the global economy. These will not come from the primary and secondary levels of the education system. These levels are critical for building numeracy and literacy and laying the foundation for future learning. More citizens must participate in higher education to further acquire the skills needed for participation in a new economy.” – Newspaper columnist and lecturer Prof. Densil Williams

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