Monday, 12 March 2018

TALLAWAH BOOK CLUB: Kamila McDonald dishes wellness wisdom + Desmond Skyers takes on guns and gangs + Richard Branson shares success secrets

PERSONAL BEST: Her fitness empire, with its emphasis on healthy living and self-empowerment, has made Kamila McDonald a favourite among celebrity clients and Jamaicans from all walks. In her first book, Wake Up And Live, the fit-and-fab queenpin breaks it down for her readers, sharing the story of her own personal transformation, specifically how she shed 60 pounds by taking a mind-body-spirit approach to lifestyle change. She wants you to know that you can do it too. Sharing lessons steeped in nutrition and personal nourishment, weekly themes and irresistible recipes to try at home, McDonald offers tools and tips to help you on your own mind-body-spirit journey. 

CRIME & PUNISHMENT: Novelist Desmond Skyers has crafted a series of fascinating characters for his gritty new cops-and-robbers novel, Jamaican Gangs of New York, taking readers into the belly of New York’s criminal underworld. There, they encounter the likes of Joe Dawg and the Loyalist, who have control of the South Jamaica zone; and Black and the Raiders who call the shots in Brooklyn. Fowl and the Centralist run things in Bronx. The cast is completed by the Gem girls, Vietnam veteran Todd Sullivan and newly elected mayor, Jack Johnson. The 428-page read, published by Xlibris, was recently launched at New Kingston’s Spanish Court Hotel. 

HOW I DID IT: It’s hard not to like Richard Branson, the Virgin mogul whose success story is beyond legendary. Two decades after releasing his iconic memoir, Losing My Virginity, Branson (dubbed “the world’s ultimate entrepreneur”) has returned to bookshelves with the rest of the story. In Finding My Virginity (Portfolio Books, 480 pages), he shares candid details of a lifetimes of triumphs and failures and what he really thinks about the life he’s been given and the careers he has made. Unsurprisingly, his book features an A-list supporting cast, with appearances by Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Kate Moss and Barack Obama, among others.

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