Tuesday, 21 August 2018

TALLAWAH BOOK CLUB: K. Sean Harris’ latest, VCB’s inspiring debut, plus summer reading picks

NATURAL MYSTIC: Reggae Superstar is K. Sean Harris’ 28th book, and it’s just as intriguing and page-turning as the best entries in his popular canon. It’s about Jomo Jacobs (aka Jah Buds), a rising singer and songwriter burning with ambition. But he must overcome some harsh socio-economic realities on his quest to become the next Bob Marley. “I’m a fan of music, so I had a lot of fun developing these characters,” Harris tells Book Club. “It’s really me exploring my perception of the music business on a deeper level and making use of my little inside knowledge as to how things really work behind the scenes.” Not to toot his own horn, but the prolific author is quick to assure his diehard fans and newcomers to his literary world that Reggae Superstar “has all the trappings of a K. Sean Harris story” – intrigue, suspense, drama, sex and valuable life lessons. “I hope it serves as an inspiration not just for those who want to enter the music business,” says Harris, who already has two more juicy novels on the way, “but also anyone who needs a little motivation in the pursuit of their dreams.” 

>> Be sure to pick up a copy of Veronica Campbell-Brown’s inspiring new tome, Inside Out: Activate the Power Within You. Why was it important for her to write this book? “I wrote Inside Out to help people get a deeper meaning in their lives and just to find fulfilment,” the sprint icon says. “Life is not always easy, but when life knocks us down we have to be mentally tough to keep working at being successful.” 

>> Also new in books: Check out the buzzworthy new titles from Fabian Thomas (New Thought, New Words); Shelley Sykes-Coley (Chat ’Bout: An Anthology of Jamaican Conversations) and Rachel Manley (The Black Peacock). 

>> STAR TALK: What are you reading this summer? 
“What I’m reading right now is Recantations by Loretta Collins Klobah. She was at Calabash in 2012. This is her latest collection, and she is killing it,” shares fellow poetess Millicent Graham….. “One of the books I just finished reading is Origins by Dan Brown. And I’m now on to Across the Nightingale Floor by Liam Hearn,” says prize-winning stage director Greg Thames, currently helming Father HoLung & Friends’ The Parables.

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