Tuesday, 21 August 2018

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Charming stone jewelry, soothing castor oil, scented soy candles, and more

>> Set the mood with your own customized scented soy candles from IllumiScents. Businesswoman Ramona Stephenson-Myrie boasts that her candles deliver an impressive range of scents and designs to suit every taste and occasion. Bonus: they burn longer and brighter than the average scented candle. At the moment, operations are primarily based online, but Stephenson-Myrie and her team are now looking to partner with distributors to take IllumiScents into homes, hotels and offices islandwide. Find them on Instagram at illumiscent_candles or call (876) 318-3330. 

>> When it comes to healthy living, Kelly Moxam lives by a simple mantra. “If it’s something you wouldn’t use on your skin, you shouldn’t put it in your body,” she says. That’s the kind of sage advice she’s been sharing with the dozens of Jamaicans who’ve discovered her beauty line, Buttonwood, which has been on the market for just over a year now. “These are natural, home-made products,” the savvy businesswoman says of the line that includes creams, lotions and body butter. “They are free from preservatives and other harmful chemicals, and that is something we feel very strongly about – ensuring that during the manufacturing process we don’t use any preservatives.” Since Buttownwood’s debut, Moxam has done a few pop-up shops and mounted booths at expos – and she delivers islandwide upon request. 

>> Carissa Joelle did her homework. “A lot of Jamaicans love castor oil because of the health benefits, but they don’t like it heavy and sticky,” says the first-time entrepreneur who is busy promoting her relatively new brand, Authentic by Carissa Joelle, which offers “a lightweight version of Jamaican black castor oil. Not sticky and 100% Jamaican.” With plans afoot to jump-start an online store, she says the public response has been encouraging. “It’s been very positive. People can use the castor oil for various purposes. You can use it in your hair and even on your beard,” she says, with a little laugh. 

>> In person, Dominique Vendryes appears as a young hippie earth-mother. But further investigation reveals that she’s actually a talented acoustic musician-turned-jewelry designer. She’s been crafting and peddling her pieces for five years. Deeply spiritual, she believes body adornments should convey a deeper meaning. “People are searching for something deeper and they often make that connection through exotic jewelry,” says the 20-something artist/artisan, who not only sells rings, bracelets and necklaces made from charming stones and woods – her bounty also includes spiritual tools and pendulums. “I recently added some wood you can burn like incense,” says Vendryes, whose favourite pastimes includes collecting beach and river stones, shells and seeds and feathers to work her creative magic.

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