Saturday, 18 August 2018

@THE DISH: Alaine’s conversion + Alando Terrelonge’s call of duty + Suzette Barrett’s wedded bliss

>> Actress Suzette Barrett: Married, satisfied and looking smashing at 40-plus 
We caught up with award-winning character actress Suzette Barrett-Ennis at the theatre last week, and she doesn’t look a day over 30, even though, she told us, she’s now well into her 40s. “I don’t feel like I’m 46 at all. I feel much, much younger. Life has been good to me,” the veteran performer told @TheDish, looking like a million bucks in her fuchsia and peach ensemble with big, cascading diva curls. Married life suits her. Barrett-Ennis is faithfully mum on the details, but she revealed that she wed her longtime partner last June, and right now he’s channeling her energies into being a good and supportive wife. That’s why you haven’t seen her in a play in almost two years. “I’m focusing on my marriage, but I’m at home writing a lot as well. I started working on a play about my life story, and I’m hoping to get it on stage by the end of the year or early next year,” she shares. But as she awaits her next script and the next call from a director or producer, she’s busy lending her emceeing skills to a diverse array of events from Kingston to the North Coast.

>> In the Spirit: Songbird Alaine is a new creature in Christ  
Show of hands those who heard that Alaine Laughton got baptized recently? The ace singer-songwriter, now enjoying another season as “the nice judge” on Digicel Rising Stars (and a spot on our 25 Most Beautiful People List), became a new creature in Christ after making the trek over to Hellshire Beach one recent Saturday morning with Pastor Ryan Mark Reynolds of Pure Heart Ministries International. “All throughout my career I’ve been singing about love, whether it be brotherly or that of a man and woman. I’ve written songs about it, so now it’s about loving Jesus,” the songbird was later quoted as saying. “I’ve always loved God. I’ve always loved Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us. So it makes sense in my life to make a public declaration.”

>> Alando Terrelonge: ‘I love my job!’ 
We’ve always been huge fans of Alando Terrelonge and how he made that seamless transition from noted attorney-at-law to MP to junior minister for culture and sports – making his presence felt. “It has been great. I’m doing things that I actually love,” he told @TheDish when we caught up with him at the Independence Village recently. “I believe in the potential of sports and the creative industries to play a key role for national growth and development. I also believe in pushing sports tourism to be a great foreign exchange earner for the country. And as state minister, I also get to be part of a great team bringing exposure and change and support to Jamaica’s art forms.”

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