Monday, 3 September 2018

ACTOR BOY/THESPY WATCH 2018: How is the Best Actor race shaping up so far?

THE TALK: Rashiem Shepherd and Oraine Meikle star in One Blood.

Let the buzz begin! It’s that time of year already when we commence Awards Season Watch, putting the spotlight on the outstanding plays and performances that could be in the running for Thespy and Actor Boy consideration – and possibly go all the way, securing one of the coveted statuettes. This week, we highlight some Best Actor hopefuls, breaking them down into best bets, possibles and long shots. 


Ricardo McFarlane (AS HE WATCHES): The seasoned actor gave a commanding turn as a talented photographer with two new women (Sabrina Thomas and Mona Dean Supria) in his life – and skeletons in his closet. 

Ricky Rowe (YOUNG & WRECKLESS): The 2017 Thespy winner was in fine form as an overprotective single dad grappling with big bills and an increasingly complex relationship with his best friend, Max (Junior Williams). 

Rashiem Shepherd (ONE BLOOD): The fast-rising actor and scribe stunned audiences as a ruthless, domineering father with wildly unorthodox methods for turning his son (Oraine Meikle) into a man. 

David Tulloch (SUGAR DADDY): The multihyphenate showbiz vet returned to the stage with the laudable portrayal of a struggling businessman on the brink of bankruptcy and a messy divorce.


Kevin Broomfield in Black Sheep 
Junior Williams in Young & Wreckless 
Kadeem Wilson in Case of the Ex 


Stephen-Rhae Johnson in Jeezam Peas 
Darian Reid in Jeezam Peas 
Oraine Meikle in One Blood

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