Tuesday, 25 September 2018

ACTOR BOY/THESPY WATCH 2018: These Best Supporting Actor hopefuls turned in commendable work

THE ODD COUPLE: Fagan is not backing down in this encounter with Trishana Wright.

Welcome back! This week we turn our attention to some males in supporting roles who could go all the way this season, thanks to terrific stage work in dramas, comedies and musical productions that rank among the year’s best so far. Again, we’re breaking them down into best bets, possibles and long shots. 


Everaldo Creary (BLACK SHEEP): Playing street yute Squeegie, who takes a youngster under his wings, Creary’s performance takes him through a rollercoaster of emotions, culminating with a wrenching flashback scene that’s simply powerful stuff. 

Rolando Fagan (SUGAR DADDY): As ne’er-do-well Jermaine, Fagan gives one of the most buzzworthy breakout male performances of the season (no pun intended), proving that for a newcomer he can hold his own in a strong ensemble cast. 

Chevan Shirley (BELLY WOMAN): The School of Drama actors were on their A-game in the Dorraine Reid-helmed production, with Shirley in particular turning in laudable work as a concerned brother who stands up for family honour above all else. 

Junior Williams (MATURE ATTRACTION): In a stellar remount, Williams was ideally cast as a domineering office manager who abuses his power but knows how to effectively captain his ship. 


John Chambers – Jeezam Peas 
Hanief Lallo – The Parables 
Chris McFarlane – Dat a Gwaan Jamaica Remix 


Aaron Moodie – Belly Woman

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