Friday, 14 September 2018

ACTOR BOY/THESPY WATCH 2018: Who are the leading ladies ahead of the pack?

SCENE WORK: Actresses like Black Sheep's Jodian Findley stood out with strong performances this year.

QUICK recap: We’ve commenced our 2018/19 Awards Season Watch, putting the spotlight on the outstanding plays and performances that could be in the running for Thespy and Actor Boy consideration when nominations are announced. This week, we highlight some Best Actress hopefuls, breaking them down into best bets, possibles and long shots.


Samantha Brevett (SUGAR DADDY): Breakout performances don’t get more compelling than this: Brevett owning every scene she appears in, as Anita Leslie, a frustrated wife who aims her anger squarely at her hubby of 25 years (David Tulloch).

Dahlia Harris (CASE OF THE EX): Playing a ballsy, self-possessed dancehall queenpin summoned by an old flame (Kadeem Wilson) to help him win a musical contest, Harris anchored her performance with immense conviction and presence.

Sabrina Thomas (AS HE WATCHES): As Kerry, a devoted cop grappling with a tough case and personal drama, Thomas gave arguably the strongest performance of her burgeoning career, while wearing hats of producer and scriptwriter.


Jodian Findley Black Sheep
Andrea Wright – Granny Del


Patricia Martin – My Wife’s Mother-in-Law

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