Monday, 17 September 2018

ON THE RECORD: Ce’Cile dishes on new projects, the music biz and enjoying motherhood

HOT MAMA: "I find that there's more I'm now enjoying about life," shares the superbusy artiste.

AMONG the many things Ce’Cile Charlton has mastered since making her music-industry debut over two decades ago is the art of working the spotlight. She makes it seem effortless. Motherhood has been a bit more challenging. But, as she tells TALLAWAH, she’s getting the hang of it. With September now in full swing, the entertainer’s six-year-old daughter, Christiyana, is back in school, as her mommy sets her sights on new business ventures and keeping pace with the hot young starlets doing their thing. Fresh from a jaunt in Europe, the ‘forever 25-year-old’ chats with TALLAWAH.

TALLAWAH: For some parents, the annual back-to-school period can be such a hassle. How have you been finding it this time around?
Ce’Cile: It’s not a hassle for me because we had the whole summer to prepare, so I’m handling it pretty well. She’s six now, so I’ve gotten the hang of it. I was away for part of the summer, doing a few weeks in Europe, but we had our Face Time. Now I’m back home, and she’s back in school. 

TALLAWAH: Speaking of Europe, it’s nice to hear that you’re still advancing your career after so many years in the unpredictable music biz. But we were led to believe that you had retired.
Ce’Cile: I am not retired, and I don’t plan to retire any time soon (Laughs). We’re always doing music, always touring. Always working. But when you’ve been in the business for a while, sometimes it’s best to take a break to focus on other priorities in your life. And the competition is hotter right now. We see a lot of strong females coming to the fore like Shenseea and Spice, but you just have to find your niche and do your thing.

TALLAWAH: That’s so true. You just saw Sugar Daddy, the hottest show in town. What’s your honest opinion on the production?
Ce’Cile: I had heard so much about the play. I came for the sex, but I got the message (Laughs). I heard it was raunchy, but it’s dealing with real-life situations. When you go to see shows overseas like on Broadway, they push the envelope, so why not here in Jamaica? I think it’s a great play with life lessons.

TALLAWAH: You’re noticeably trim and slim these days. How do you keep your body looking so fashionably on-point?
Ce’Cile: I don’t know. When I stay home and don’t travel, I tend to eat more, but when I’m away I try to eat better. For most of August I was in Europe, and I was eating a lot healthier. Not much sugar, and I think that helps. And I find that there’s more I’m now enjoying about life. I was in a car accident in May of last year, and I had issues with my ribs, and even though I’m not 100% where I want to be right now, I try to stay happy. I live for my friends and my child.

TALLAWAH: Do I hear a single woman speaking?
Ce’Cile: (Laughs). I’m not married, but I do got a man.

TALLAWAH: Are you the marrying kind?
Ce’Cile: I don’t know if I ever will [get married]. I’ve never been asked, and I’ve never asked. Yes, you can do that now (Laughs). But my auntie Winsome told me that sometimes marriage spoils things. And I personally don’t like having a man too much in my space. I love having him in my life, but not in my space.

TALLAWAH: Interesting. You always have some exciting new projects in the works. What’s next? 
Ce’Cile: I’m looking forward to doing different types of things. I’m working with people outside of Jamaica on some stuff. I like to experiment, and I hope to do more of that here in Jamaica. And take my songwriting to the next level. How things are now you don’t have to limit yourself geographically. I’m also working on a children’s book with my friend Cassandra, as well as some other business ventures. I had my hair line, and I hope to bring that back. And just continue keeping up with my daughter.

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