Friday, 7 September 2018

PICTURE PERFECT: Photographers steal the show with captivating imagery at Jamaica Visual Arts Exhibition

ON THE WALL: Angela Foote’s silver-medal-winning “Peeping Through” is among the show's best pieces.

WHAT makes a great photograph? An image that’s simply unforgettable. The JCDC Jamaica Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition, which just ended its 2018 run at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston, delivered its most captivating images in years. In other words, the photographers stole the show. To this end, there was no shortage of highlights.

Whether capturing quaint, idyllic subjects, Mother Nature in all her resplendent glory, landscapes and still lifes, or snapshots of ordinary Jamaicans doing extraordinary things, the artists whose work made it into the showcase deserve mighty kudos and the medals and trophies they took home.

Sherard Little’s “Frolic I” (depicting three young men running by a waterfall) and “Frolic IV” (featuring a backflipping diver) were simply gorgeous black-and-white shots. Romaine McNeil saw beauty in a strong male physique for “Awakened”; Christopher Harper captured a lovely Rastafarian empress for “Yout’”; and Sherry-Ann Crooks’ digital print “Bejewelled” is a dazzling gem. 

Among the other highlights: Angela Foote’s silver-medal-winning “Peeping Through”; Michael Graham’s vintage-auto digital print “Rusty 250”; Antoine Chung’s heavenly platter of “Millennium Fruits”; Marie Baillie’s charmingly rustic “Humble Home”; Shanique Francis’ wet wonder “Waterland” and Ryan Francis’ “Little Fisherman,” capturing a boy in full command of his vessel. 

>> The Jury Has Spoken: Kingston-based photographer Renae Johnson copped the third-place jury prize for her arresting old-country-farmer shot “Diligence.” Second place went to textile artist Esther Chin (St. Mary) for her intricately woven entry “Tapestry of Ma.” But the top prize was presented to St. Catherine’s Conrad Stone, whose precious lignum-vitae carving, “Knowledge,” is of a boy and a girl seated together sharing a book.

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