Monday, 29 October 2018

2018 NATIONAL HONOURS & AWARDS: Novlette Grant talks safety and society; Mazie Miller on making her mark; Mayor Homer Davis gives a ‘listening ear’

On Monday, October 15, the lawns of King’s House provided the setting once again for the pomp and pageantry of the National Honours & Awards ceremony, where over 120 Jamaicans were honoured for outstanding work over the years in their respective fields. TALLAWAH was in the mix and chatted with a handful of the fascinating people.

Mayor of Montego Bay, HOMER DAVIS (Order of Distinction – Commander) on his tastes in music:
“I’m an old school man, so you’ll find me listening to Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and U-Roy. But nowadays you have to listen to what the youths are listening to. There’s a new sensation called Rygin King. He’s a MoBay man, so I have to support the local talent. There is no hotter artiste for the youths right now than Rygin King.”

Former Deputy Commissioner of Police, NOVLETTE GRANT (Order of Distinction – Officer) on what motivates her:
“Life. If you’re living, what greater motivation can there be? You have to get out there and get things done. If you like helping people, then do that. Personally, what I want to see is our society become a more wholesome society – and people feeling a greater sense of safety. Not just physical safety, but a feeling that my society takes care of me.”

Jamaica’s favourite cook, Grace Kitchens’ MAZIE MILLER (Order of Distinction – Officer), on her greatest achievement:
“Being able to impact the families in terms of planning and preparing economical, balanced and satisfying meals to share. I’ve always wanted to carry on the legacy of my grandparents, who taught me that you need to feed not just your family but people who are in need.”

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