Tuesday, 2 October 2018

ACTOR BOY/THESPY WATCH: These fierce supporting actresses were bonafide scene-stealers

IN GOOD FUN: Harris, with co-star Kevin Broomfield, scored laughs as the supportive girlfriend in Black Sheep.

Hi there! This week the spotlight shifts to outstanding actresses in a supporting role who brought the heat, the meat and the comic relief, securing their place on our countdown-to-awards-season radar. Again, we split them into best bets, possibles and long shots. 


Alexandra Gregory (CASE OF THE EX): The rising thespian (who has worked with Tribe Sankofa et al) got a solid introduction to a wider commercial-theatre audience, giving an assured turn (opposite Dahlia Harris and Kadeem Wilson) as the put-upon girlfriend who vows to fight for her man. We’d love to see more of Gregory in the years to come. 

Christina Harris (BLACK SHEEP): Barracks Entertainment productions consistently receive a jolt of energy, exuberance and comic relief from this livewire young actress who certainly rocked the boat as ride-or-die ‘wifey’ Kizzy. 

Trishana Wright (SUGAR DADDY): A charming presence off-stage, Wright proves she’s a chameleonic transformer once the stage lights come on. She stood toe-to-toe with costars like Samantha Brevett and David Tulloch, giving one of the year’s star-making turns as an ambitious good girl who longs to escape the ghetto and her violent boyfriend (Rolando Fagan). 


Crystal Fletcher – Young & Wreckless 
Stacy-Ann Morgan Duvalier – My Wife’s Mother-in-Law 
Aisha Ritchie – One Blood 


Yanique Bailey – Belly Woman 
Mona Dean-Supria – As He Watches 
Kerry-Ann McCarthy – My Wife’s Mother-in-Law

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